Japanese Public Speaker

Yuko Suzuki is a Japanese presenter, producer, writer and journalist covering sports, science and cultural subjects for international media outlets.  

Born in Hiroshima, Japan, Yuko grew up near Kobe, where the famous Kobe beef is made as you have probably assumed. She moved to UK to study History of Science at Imperial College London, where her main interests lay in the early concept of quantum mechanics and molecular biology.​

Her column ‘Football Pilgrimage’ is commissioned by one of the biggest selling Japanese sports magazines and currently run as a monthly travel column, gaining coverage by BBC Radio.

In her spare time, she enjoys creating her fan and quirky YouTube videos. Her aim is to turn the world healthier, politer, cleaner, and more organised place using her Japanese wisdom!

​Speech Topics

Cleaner, more polite and More Organised

Would you like to live in a cleaner, more polite, and more organised world? Using examples from Japanese culture, she talks about how small changes in everyday life can bring the perfect order, a greater sense of value and more meaning to all areas of our lives, beyond Ikigai and Marie Kondo.

Japan and Cultural Awareness

With extensive experience of travelling and working around the world, with people from diverse backgrounds, her insights on cultural awareness in the professional environment will help unlock the potential of companies and the British nation. 

​Japanese Approach to Health and Happiness

Have you head of the phrase, Hara Hachi Bun Me? This saying originating from Confucianism suggests that we should aim for 80% full rather than 100% Full. As much as it is a perfect regime if you are thinking of going on a diet, this concept gives you a bit more profound take on your life in the modern world.

Football Pilgrimage and Potential of British Regional Cities

​Yuko is on a mission to visit all 92 league football clubs in England. This quest came in her life in 2014 when she really try to understand this quirky nation of England. Extensively travelling to regional towns in the country and exploring the heritage that has been breathing since the time of industrial revolution, she has great insight about the potential of British regions.

Chic Physics

Her ability of interpreting and communicating some of the most complex and relevant theories in science to the general TV audience is an asset in the era of innovation and digital media.

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